examples of 6th grade self-portraits.

6th graders completed their object self portraits and are no on display in the RMS cafeteria.  

Students drew each other profiles and filled the area inside the head with items that described them (likes, hobbies, family history, etc.).

Students featured:

Catalina Cortez
Destiny Cedillo
Jazell Gomez
Benay Ochoa
Gavin Micolites
Yuliana Martinez
Jacqueline Almaguer
Jesua Artiaga
Sergio Solis
Dalilah Salazar
Emily Rodriguez
Devanih Cansino Ramirez
Estefani Gamero
Emily Torres
Ariana Sanchez
Daymory Osorio
Sabine Montanez Jimenez
Alyssa Cedillo
Paola Flores
Melissa Herrera-Rosales
Daniella Salazar